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What do you look for when choosing the soundtrack for your day, afternoon coffee, or brainstorming session? What vibes inspire creativity? What styles release those feel-good endorphins into your bloodstream and get you charged up?BrennanClabornMusicLive

There are several aspects of my “soundtrack” that must be present. The musicianship must be top-notch, the vibes must be interesting and unique, the lyrical content must be quality, and the vocalist needs a voice worth listening to.

Fortunately, Brennan Claborn’s album and latest collaboration with James Wilson meets each of these requirements. His smoky, smooth voice is reminiscent of the vocal stylings of Jimmy Needham and jazz great, Jamie Cullum. Combined with the subtle, impactful use of harmonies and challenging lyrics, this creates quite the enjoyable, yet thought-provoking listening experience. His album, Puzzle Pieces, meanders through musical genres like a winding road through some incredible scenery. Running through the tracks will bring you to upbeat musings in “Another Sunrise” followed by deep, emotive confessions of confusion and the struggles that young adults face in the track, “Confused.”

“Never settle for less than what you could have “- brennan

The final half of the EP bring you to a folksy setting complete with interesting acoustic guitar melodies and rhythms, and fascinating vocal harmonies are brought to bear with great impact. The soft, introspective feel of these final songs is perfect for a long drive or anywhere else where you want to be able to focus entirely on the music and allow it to guide your thoughts. It’s the perfect combination of excellence and genres for easy listening.


The collaboration between Brennan and James is something else entirely. BrennanJames_HolyGhostIncredible musicianship and an innovative approach to age-old song, Holy Ghost, provide a new vibe and life to an Apostolic classic. From the resonating keys to the classic Rhodes sound to Brennan’s smoky vocals and James classic R&B feel, this song has you wanting to stomp along with the straight ahead beat from the opening chords. The only problem with collaborations like this is the fact that they leave you wanting so much more!

I look forward to (and sincerely hope for) more collaborations from these two amazing musicians, vocalists, and examples of Christian character. I can’t wait to hear more from each of them, and assure you that once more of their music drops, you’ll be able to find info about it here!

In the meantime, check out Brennan’s Facebook page and Jame’s Facebook page to stay up to date!

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