A God-Centered Balancing Act

The sound of your alarm fills the room, shaking you from your sleep. Another day has arrived. It’s another day filled with deadlines, commitments, pressures, questions, work, sleepiness, frustration, laughs, hunger, phone calls, plans and anything else imaginable. These busy days make up our hectic weeks and those hectic weeks make up our chaotic life. Our plate is seemingly full with no room to spare; yet we cram more and more in. Something has to give.

We spend our life looking for something we can ease up on in order to find any kind of balance; after all, an unbalanced object or person doesn’t stay upright long. We begin by prioritizing. We then balance our lives around what we have determined to be “most important.” This is where most fail. Our lives are meant to be balanced, but they are meant to be balanced around what God says is important, not what we feel is. So, what is God’s order of priority when starting this balancing act?



Master, which [is] the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” Matthew 22:36-37

Picture a balancing scale. If one side of the scale receives all of the weight, the scale is completely unbalanced. You then begin to add weight to the other side of the scale until both sides are equal, resulting in a balanced scale. However, these laws of science do not apply to our spiritual life.

Frustration arises in a busy life when we try and balance God around our schedules, working Him into the open time slots. He has purposed our lives to be balanced around Him. We daily have a responsibility to God that is fulfilled through prayer, devotion, faithfulness in church attendance and support, and dedication to His word.

As everything imaginable starts pulling at us, it is ingrained in our fleshly nature to balance God out as we try to balance everything else. We categorize aspects of our walk with God and phase out the “less important” ones muttering in a hurried sweep “I’ll get to them if I can get to them.” More often than not, we do not make our way back to what was neglected.

Always remember, to obtain a complete balance in life, God must be what everything else is balanced around.


To some of us, this may be one of the most prized possessions in your life. You cherish every moment you spend with your family and friends and anxiously await the next time you will have with them. Unfortunately, when we are thrown into the next act in the Circus of Life, we are quick to neglect our loved ones.

We, as God’s creation, are made for relationships. It is how we survive, thrive, grow and succeed. When we balance out our loved ones as we balance in other “crises,” we quickly begin to feel the repercussions. We must learn to make time for our loved ones. Don’t try and balance your loved ones around the “stuff” of life, balance the “stuff” around your loved ones.

Everything Else

This is where time and circumstance really dictate the priority of your remaining responsibilities. It is in this category where we find school, work, entertainment, relaxation, etc. There will be times where today’s priorities are not tomorrow’s. School doesn’t last forever, though at times it feels as if it does. Work may always be a part of our lives but there are days of rest and time away. Unlike the others, these responsibilities fluctuate day to day and may even change completely in time.There is a very important and delicate spot for “everything else” in our balancing act; placed around family which is centered around God.

Our world is in a constant frenzy (and gaining speed) continually trying to balance the demands of life and failing miserably. We are watching as it plummets into distress because of a loss of balance. We have neglected what is truly important to balance in what we feel is important.

The Act Begins…

Balancing is a skill; therefore, it can be honed. Much like learning how to ride a bike without any other supports, you may lose balance a few times, but the more you ride the easier it becomes. Soon, you don’t give any thought to it, you’re just doing it! When you do feel overwhelmed with all that is on your plate, take a step back and filter your responsibilities through God’s order of priority. Always tip the scale with God and make time for your family, the rest then just becomes easier to handle. Remember, success is gained in a God-centered balancing act.