4 Phases of Developing Your Creative Voice

Millennials. The generation of overnight success stories, rock stars jetting from their living rooms to the stage, and people famous for being famous. For most creatives, it is impossible to observe these scenarios without feeling incredible frustration and bitterness. We feel that we should be a part of that “overnight” success story clique, but we aren’t.

It’s okay!

We aren’t doomed to failure or stuck forever in mediocrity and hopelessness. There’s an identifiable process that we must work through. There are 4 phases to that journey and the folks over at 99u have done an incredible job of describing them and providing some practical points to implement to ensure you don’t get stuck.

If you are creative in the least, you need to take the time to read this article and watch the video embedding. If you don’t, you are certainly missing out…

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