Kim Davis | A Letter to Apostolic Millennials


Dear Apostolic Millennials,

I’ve struggled with how to respond to the Kim Davis scenario within the context of Beyond the Contrast for about a week now. From its inception, the vision for this online resource for Apostolic Millennials has been to embrace the difficult questions and situations (the conflict) and respond to hard stuff in ways that have been previously avoided or marginalized. With that in mind, I knew a response to this situation was necessary, and have been seeking for the proper response, God’s response. Like others I’ve spoken with, I’ve bounced between opinions faster than I thought possible, and have been swayed by various articles and videos that I’ve seen. Through it all, I’ve worked to keep my spiritual sensors on overdrive, and have started, deleted, and re-started this post several times now. Through all of my writing, erasing, and starting over, only one response has seemed proper and in tune with the Spirit…


Whether or not you agree with Kim’s stance, she is spending time in jail because she is following her heart and what she feels the Spirit is leading her to do. I wish that all of us would follow the promptings of the Spirit in our lives so wholeheartedly. When we look to scripture for clarity and direction, we see the response of the church was to pray for those imprisoned (Acts 12:12). They did not bemoan the fact that culture is against us or that one of our own is being treated poorly (probably because they remembered Jesus’ words recorded in John 15:18-23). They gathered and prayed that God would show himself mighty and change the circumstance.

“Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ if they persecuted me, they will also persecute you…”  

John 15:20

So I ask, have you prayed for Kim Davis? Have you prayed for understanding? Or have you simply shared your opinions on social media and gone about your day without giving it another thought? Too frequently, we Apostolic Millennials succumb to apathy, and are content to make a post or two about the injustice or to share an article someone wrote that stirs up controversy before moving on with our lives.

Let’s end this trend, you and I!

Instead of being the generation that is defined by our frustration with the way things have been, rather than chasing public acknowledgment of our vast creativity through our singing, preaching, photos, videos, speaking, dubsmash, social media interactions, etc., let us be defined by our willingness to hit our knees and bombard the Throne Room with prayer. Let us reawaken the heroic prayer habits that sparked explosive revival in the early 1900s that changed culture from Azusa street to Ireland and the Welsh highlands. Let us embrace the conflict and live our lives controlled by His whims and desires, not those of our culture or social media. Let us embrace His Word and prayer…He’ll do the rest.

In Christ,