We Should Stop Expecting Apple to Change the World (For Now)

Since the final years of Steve Job’s leadership at Apple, we have heard the complaints about the lack of ingenuity and innovation that have flowed from Cupertino. These critical voices have multiplied exponentially under new leadership and with no signs of slowing down. For years, I have defended Apple; I am a consumer, a user, and as the company has dubbed it, a promoter (I own an iPhone 6 as well as a 15” Macbook Pro Retina). And for the first time in years, I find myself on the same side as the critics voicing their well-founded concerns on the decline of the Apple Tech Empire and wondering what promise the future could really hold for a company that we are so used to seeing change the world.

I was privileged to work for Apple retail in Pentagon City, Virginia for the course of a year. In that time, I aided in hosting the launch for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus as well as leading up to the Apple Watch. In my time there, there were many positives, in fact, to this day I still consider going back to work for them for their respect for employees and their cultivating of a strong and prosperous workplace. However, with the arrival of each new product, I began to see trends that never struck me as innovation or creativity at is best. And while there were some new programs and features of products that showed some semblance of time’s past, I saw what I could best describe as a culture of decadence in the makeup of new products as a whole.

Constant Flux

It is understood that we live in a time of constant flux with the emergence of new fads and norms that are inexplicable at times. This is a society built on wealth and power and as such we put this wealth and power on display by the labels that we are made up of. And while this is an unfortunate decline, it is nonetheless a reality; a reality that has become the dominating factor in the growth and expansion of Apple Inc.

Yes, these products are faster and sleeker, but they are also offered in varying colors of gold and silver. They have taken the last generation of technology and packaged it in a beautifully wrapped box as they boldly display the name of a company that was known for is creativity and innovation. Apple no longer takes part in this creative process on the whole, but instead uses this borrowed persona of the image of what Apple once represented to portray a false sense of ingenuity. And many are too foolish to see what is happening.

Lost Purpose

Under the new leadership of Tim Cook and Angela Ahrendts, Apple has started down the path of a trendy label built upon a false sense of sales numbers generated by the craze of just another brand. Much of the world has bought into the prevailing steadiness and reliability of a product that has essentially lost all remembrance of the men that built this company on creativity, reliability and unmatchable customer service. And with each new product, I become more and more convinced of the loss of purpose and conviction that goes into each new product. Gone are the times of invention, replaced by a cheap façade of product that is simply not what it used to be.

Now, do not get me wrong or misconstrue what I am saying here. I still love this company. I still would love to work for this company and most assuredly, I believe in a brand of excellence that has been nothing but reliable and effective in my hands as opposed to so many other poorly operated companies. I trust in the products and am continually greeted with ease of use and durable makeup. I just think its time for us to stop expecting Apple to change the world for us again, for now.


E.M. Zenobia is the Student Editor for Word Aflame, The Discipleship Project as well as Link 247. He received his bachelor’s degree from Urshan College and also carries a degree from Saint Louis Christian College. Evan was most recently an administrator and student pastor in Washington, D.C. as well as a member of Apple retail for the last two years. He is a lover of all things C. S. Lewis and an avid fiction writer who thoroughly enjoys trail running and biking.