A Rant Against Halloween | Am I Alone?

I know there’s a better than decent chance that if anyone actually reads this post, I’ll catch some flack. Oh well…I’ve been subjected to the questions about my costume (the lack thereof), the incredulity on the faces of coworkers as I’ve explained why my daughter isn’t dressing up, and immeasurable Halloween related awkwardness in the past few days. However, it wasn’t until I pulled away from the window of my local Starbucks with my freshly made venti soy latte that my I had my most recent epiphany. As I left, the girl at the window called out, “Happy Halloween!” I was almost all the way out of the drive through lane before a somewhat depressing though hit me, I didn’t have a second thought about that! She said, “Happy Halloween,” and I thought nothing of it!

So what?

Because, unfortunately, I second guess myself every single time I start to say, “Merry Christmas!” to someone…

Again, Michael, who cares?!?

In short, I do.

There is something completely mixed up with a world where “Happy Halloweens” are (nearly) universally received with a smile, and “Merry Christmases” are received with an increased pulse because someone might be offended or not celebrate Christmas. I’m not going to belabor the point, so here it is in a nutshell. We mentally accept and gloss over salutations received in celebration of a holiday that (for simplicity’s sake, we’ll ignore occultic origins and all that) is focused on death, fear, promiscuity, provocative dress, and other less than Christ-like characteristics, but we’ll beat around the bush, walk on eggshells, bite our tongue, drink the Kool-aid, and otherwise deny our association with a celebration of the birth of the Creator of the Universe becoming one of us so he can save us.

There. In one incredibly long (probably a run-on) sentence I’ve summed up the thought that ran through my head as I waited to exit the Starbucks premises with my much needed caffeine. I’m not a scholar that’s going to argue origins of Halloween or the proper date that we should actually celebrate Christ’s birth. I’m just a member of the Millennial Generation that is sick and tired of being beaten down, beaten back, and expected to shut up and keep my opinions to myself because I am attempting to mirror a Christ-like, Biblical world view. I’m done with that. So, all I have to say in conclusion is…